Megan Proulx

Call Sign
Drone Doll
FPV Pilot
F3 Expo 2016

My name is Megan, I'm 27 years old and I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My passion is in art and cooking, I have my bachelor's in fine art, but I started flying fpv mini quads in October 2015 and it's truly changed my life. I was introduced to mini quads when my boyfriend began building and flying them, and so I became his designated spotter and I went out flying with him on a near daily basis. I wasn't initially convinced it was something I could ever see myself participating in, but once I started learning to fly I discovered that I had a sort of naturally ability to fly the quad and I was able to progress fairly quickly.

The thing I enjoy most about flying fpv is the separation of your mind from your body that you can achieve. Once you get to a place where you're in control and you feel confident in your flying, you can really begin to use your flights as a form of expression and flying fpv becomes this incredible creative outlet for you. I'm definitely excited to see the progression of freestyle fpv as a form of art, but the idea of fpv racing as a spectator sport is also very intriguing. These two facets of fpv sort of balance each other out, so the hobby has a lot of potential to become this really well-rounded creature that offers something for everyone.

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