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My IRL name is Justin Kelly, I fly under the pilot name "Systous" and fight under the persona "KingKoopa". As a bay area (California) native I've had the pleasure of witnessing the break neck speeds that drone development has had. As the owner of a rapid prototyping company, Proto House, I've had the pleasure of assisting in the speed of that very development with the likes of 3DR, DJI, and other exicting drone startups wishing to see their ideas in the air. This has not only given me exposure to all corners of this "hobby"... it has also instilled in me the passion that goes hand and hand with this community!

As an trained artist... I love the expression this field gives me. Through designing fun accessories, completely innovative craft, or just knowing I've helped others overcome obstacles of their own design... it's fulfilling  to be a physical content creator.

As an professional engineer... I excel with the pressure to do better, be stronger, fly faster. Whether that's researching industrial grade materials through my materials sponsor, MadeSolid; or spending 100 hours running wind tunnel simulations... I don't make guesses... I want answers.

As an budding FPV pilot... I'm gone. I am the craft. "I" cease to exist. Those that fly know this feeling. I call it "The Fugue State". Akin to lucid dreaming; FPV flying is unlike any other experience..truly indescribable.

As a unique Combat pilot... I marry all my passions into a single culminating... CRASH! I put my concepts, my designs, my production methods, my materials, my components through the wringer over and over again. If you can't stand to watch your creations destroyed... drone combat is not for you! For me however... it always results in #KingKoopaWins!

Here's some video links for various things Drone related..

Abandoned - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXvb4851Il0
Trick Book - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIH3w9qG7Qg
UFO Hunting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z0lmcSU1UA (Jason Boslaugh lost his Alien frame in this reservoir so Reiner Von Webber and I went back for it..GO TEAM TATTU! )
Bottom Feeders - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb6w-8Cq_W4 6" Voodoo Frame "Air Mode" testing

Some Paid Aerial Work

Social Media
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Systous
Instagram - "Systous" https://www.instagram.com/systous/
Youtube - "Systous" https://www.youtube.com/user/systous
Google - [email protected]



 EEKKK I have a problem.

 Filming/Surverying - 680mm Tarot Hex (SexyHexy) , 450mm Quanum Venture (Hank), 2x 3dr X8 heavy lifters (Haans & Frans)

 Racing - 280mm Voodoo #IguanaMontoya , 155x Armattan #chickenhawk, 250mm SpaceOne (destroyed), Various Inductrix's


Combat - 450mm "Game Of Drones" Hiro Clear #KingKoopaWins , Custom Built & 3d Printed 250mm #MurderFlies #ShellShocked


Follow the hashtags to see the build and any time I use them in combat/work/play.


Favorite Dish:

 Favorite food is Chicken & Waffles! I bought my own fryer and waffle iron just to make it at home.

 Beyond that.. you'll almost ALWAYS see a large diet rockstar in my hand....