Terry Arscott

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I'm from St Clair Shores, Michigan. It all started about 11 months ago when i saw Jeff Orta "Vortx" Fly at a MultiGP event. I couldn't believe what i was seeing and at that point i was willing to do whatever it took to be able to fly like that. Day after day, crash after crash i kept pushing myself. After about 5 months of practice i competed in my first MultiGP event and won! that's when i realized i was doing something right. I love racing FPV because of the pure excitement and adrenaline it gives you. What excites me the most about flying and competing it is how fast its growing, the Nationals will be on ESPN! doesn't get any better then that!. Something that completely caught me off guard was how incredibly nice and helpful the drone community is. I had guys at the Flightbash event helping me get my quad together right before we raced each other with money on the line! Absolutely love everything about FPV racing!