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I have been flying FPV for 6 years now.  I was flying RC Helis and cars when one day I went to the local RC store and the guy behind the desk showed me a guy flying a quad in and out of his house, up and down his hillside FPV….I was hooked instantly!!!!  I started back then with larger 400+ size quads learning all I could and flying every chance I got.  I moved to FPV Wings and that has been my passion the majority of my FPV time.  I got hooked on FPV quad racing over 2 years ago and started organizing races and teaming up with MultiGP as VP for a while.  I started posting vids and some PID tuning vids and things started to change for me…I realized I am a Pilot through and through and that’s all I want to do…fly, freestyle and Race my Wings and Quads.

FPV for me is form of therapy and means to leave the stressors of the world for a while.  FPV allows me to free my thoughts and feel like I am flying, almost a state of euphoria.  The past year I have been traveling to Colorado and other places to get unique FPV videos….something different from the everyday norm vids we see these days.  I try and make my videos for the viewers in mind and hopefully make them feel what I did when I flew a location with song selections and flying styles.

Being a part of Team Tattu is an honor and I am proud to be on board looking forward to what the future will bring.


Social Media links:


YouTube Channel:  Shelby Voll


Instagram:  @shelby_voll




Facebook: Shelby Voll Mark Vollrath


Facebook: United FPV


Past and Upcoming Competitions:

RaceX April 2016

MegaDroneX May 2016

SBA Flying Circus May 2016

SBA Multirotor Showdown July 2016

Flymore Savona Mill July 2016

US Drone Nationals August 2016

Drone Worlds October 2016